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Rethinking Diversity & Equity

This training is created to explore the questions, what does it mean to embody diversity? What does it mean to embody equity? Sara Ahmed, explains her concerns of how “diversity becomes a commitment that requires that those who embody that diversity express happiness and gratitude...It is cited in documents that describe educational missions, and becomes a way of imagining organizations as having certain attributes.” Diversity strives for equality while equality needs to be equity. This training is meant to redefine and restructure your equitable missions through a Black Queer Femme narrative.

It is geared towards those working with communities of color who want to learn effective ways for creating inclusive spaces that prioritize local community needs from a global perspective. This is an all day intensive interactive training. This is not an introductory anti-racism anti-oppression training. It pushes our understanding and practice further towards creating true equitable communities. The following are the units this training will be addressing:

  1. Nationhood & Sovereignty

  2. Body Terrorism

  3. Decolonizing Gender

  4. Dismantling Charity Model

  5. Internalized Oppression & Implicit Bias

  6. “Diversity is for White People”: Looking at Diversity Structure

  7. Creating Blueprint For Change

DATE & LOCATION: July 20th 168 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

TIME: 11am-6pm (with lunch break)
WHO: Anyone is welcomed! This is geared toward organizers, educators, community members.

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