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Solidarity Beyond Borders Training

This interactive training provides organizers & community members with a transnational solidarity feminist framework that centers Black Indigenous Queer Trans Hood Femmes in the work for movement organizing.

Transnational solidarity is a framework used by Women of Color in Solidarity, yet was not coined by us.  We use this framework to explore how our own bodies are nations within themselves and how we can bring these knowledges to spaces outside of our own. Transnational solidarity as a healing practice is a framework that combines research and practice in black/ muxerista/ transnational/ indigenous feminist ideologies. It is one that centers land and spatial justice. It is one that also includes grassroots organizing methodologies. The following are the units this training will address:

  1. Remembering the Land

  2. Nationhood & Sovereignty

  3. Body Terrorism

  4. Components of Transnational Solidarity Framework

  5. WOC Solidarity’s Healing Framework

DATE & LOCATION: June 22nd 168 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

TIME: 11am-5pm (with lunch break)
WHO: Anyone is welcomed! This is geared toward organizers, educators, community members

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