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Reimagining Education Institute (Creating Transnational Classrooms Workshop)

Presenting "Solidarity Beyond Borders: Creating Transnational Classrooms" 

This workshop seeks to unpack the question, what does it mean to create classrooms that are in solidarity with people of color down your block and beyond colonial borders? It highlights the way in which two femmes of color educators have created solidarity amongst themselves and other women/femmes/gender non-binary people of color throughout the world, by establishing Women of Color in Solidarity. This grassroots movement seeks to unpack the intersections of our histories in order to highlight our global resistance as people of color. This is not separate from our classrooms, for we use critical literacies to share this knowledge with our students and community educators. We view ourselves and our students as citizens of the world who also represent transnational borders coming together. This thinking and practice is our engaged equity pedagogy that we share with those who come in contact with us. We carry resilient pieces of our lands, our ancestors, and our traditions within us. In this session, we will unpack what global solidarity inside the classroom looks like and how it represents a larger community, globally. Through this hands-on workshop, participants will walk away with tangible tools/activities, engaged readings, and newly formed answers on how to engage their students as global actors.

About Reimagining Education: As the public school student population becomes increasingly racially and ethnically diverse, educators need to reimagine teaching and learning to assure all students reap the multiple educational benefits of this diversity. Now in its third year, the Reimagining Education Summer Institute provides educators, school district officials and stakeholders at all levels high-quality professional development and the opportunity to connect with people across the country who are committed to sustaining racially, ethnically and socio-economically integrated schools and classrooms.

Learn More: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/conferences/reimagining-education/