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Solidarity Beyond Borders by Women of Color in Solidarity

This workshop seeks to unpack and question how do we, as femmes/women/gender non-binary people of color who have developed our own feminisms that are centered on our different racial/ethnic and cultural identities, come together to practice solidarity both locally and globally. Themes that arise in this conversation included examples of how our body memories disrupt colonial borders, how we must redefine what it means to “show up”, differences in privilege within our own communities, and how we must interrogate our different understandings and relationships to the lands we are on.
We will be unpacking the question, what does it mean to stand in solidarity with people of color down your block and beyond colonial borders? The framework that we use is one that looks at our own bodies as transnational spaces that we bring to other spaces outside of our own. Transnational solidarity as a healing practice is framework that combines research and practice in black/muxerista/third world/indigenous feminist ideologies. It is one that centers land and spatial justice. It is one that also includes grassroots organizing methodologies. It is one that we have found to be the practice of the Women of Color in Solidarity Collective, that we share with everyone who comes into contact with us. We carry resilient pieces of our lands, our ancestors, and our traditions within us. We believe solidarity to be the practice required for the liberation of ourselves and Mother Earth- within this may we find our collective and individual healing.

Learn More: www.wocsolidarity.org