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Women of Color in Solidarity Conference

This gathering was cultivated to provide women/femmes/gender non binary people of color with the necessary tools and guidance to form radical spaces of healing rooted in love and liberation. Our conference engages people in workshops and conversations that will amplify us to not only connect our different struggles but to provide ways to heal through them.
Last years conference we decided healing was urgent for us as women/femmes/gender non binary people of color, and that alongside revolutionary love should always be at the forefront of our movement towards liberation. This year we want to keep these at the forefront for the purpose of building solidarity for the new world we envision. With that being said, our 2018 conference theme is “Solidarity Beyond Borders: Transnational Resistance as Healing”. This conference focuses on shifting our power into action. More specifically how can we show up and stand in solidarity with people of color within, across, and beyond colonial borders as we know our oppressions are connected.