Trainings Offered

Trainings Offered

You can never stop learning! As educators, community leaders, and organizers it is crucial to continue our own learning, as we are in the service of teaching others what we have learned.

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Curriculum Development & Implementation Trainings

Curriculum is always evolving. Curriculum development and training should be a collaborative process in which educators are allowed to work with, ask questions about, and recreate radical curriculums that are relevant and engaging for their students. The development of any curriculum is however never finished in these training because the students are not present. Educators will learn techniques to engage their students in their own learning process, specifically through the use of Youth Participatory Action Research. I also believe it is important to use these trainings to help educators learn more liberation pedagogies to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the curriculum being taught. This is why each training coincides with the learning of an engaging pedagogy that is relevant to the curriculum.

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Diversity Trainings 

By facilitating undoing racism and other anti-oppression trainings for the past five years, I have found that many times these spaces, specifically anti-racist work, centers the binary between whiteness and people of color. I believe this centering to be necessary, yet also believe it vital to push the conversation further.
These trainings often leave out people of colors specific relationship to internalized racism, colonial legacies, historical trauma, various other identities outside of race, transnational experiences, problems specific to people of color communities, and even more so women/femmes and lgtbqai people of color. These diversity trainings help those who are working with communities of color to engage in these difficult dialogues in order to achieve authentic community engagement.



"I am so happy that I attended the training! Cheyenne is very knowledgeable about the topics we discussed and very welcoming of other people’s thoughts as we learn new terminology and ideas." - via Jen, Boston University

"It was so thoughtfully planned and facilitated. I appreciated your intentional transparency and your modeling of responsive, flexible leadership. I came away feeling energized and enriched.  Aside from the resources, the training has left me thinking hard about how I can make my classroom a smooth counterspace – about what both of those words mean in a classroom, about where/how my classroom sits inside an institutional (and social) structure, and about all of the emotional history students bring into any classroom." - via Lise, Public School Teacher

"This training was intimate and intense but I felt like people were bringing their best selves. Conversation was nuanced, careful and honest. I would say it was more challenging, in good ways, than many of these types of trainings that I have been to in the past. Thanks Cheyenne for offering this truly valuable resource to the world. I appreciate all the work you are doing!!" - via Virginia, Public School Teacher