Standing Rock Statement

4 November 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
P.O. Box D
Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538

Dear Women of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe,

The Women of Color in Solidarity Collective stands in solidarity with our women of color of Standing Rock Sioux, the Great Sioux Nation, and our other Native sisters in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). s women of color, we choose to stand with our Native sisters in the fight for our land, water, and traditional way of life. We are fighting against the same historical systems of domination which have not left native territory since 1492 but merely found its way to disguise itself through corporations. We will not take the destruction of Mother Earth any longer. Our ancestors predicted that the 7th generation will do something to change the world. We are the 7th generation and this is happening.

Women of Color in Solidarity is a youth led movement, with a mission statement that seeks to create global solidarity amongst other women of color from different regions who are also fighting towards a new world. As youth, we stand in solidarity with the indigenous youth who occupied the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters, demanding to be heard. As women of color, we stand in solidarity with the Native Midwives at the resistance camps. They have taught us that, “Sovereignty for indigenous people is only going to come about through the support of women and women’s health, in the same way that we defend and protect Mother Earth is the same way that we need to defend and protect women and the next generations of children being born.” We stand to decolonize and rebirth this world.

Women of Color in Solidarity stands to educate and elevate those in our communities against the criminalities working against us, including the criminalities of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our mission statement understands the intersectionalities of colonial legacies that have forced their way to our communities. We stand with Standing Rock because we are calling for the eradication of environmental racism, ur poisoned food systems, our disempowering education system, discriminatory health care system, the prison industrial complex, and economic oppression/disparities. From Ferguson, to Palestine, to Standing Rock we see what the militarization of police looks like. We know that violence against women is different, therefore we stand in prayer with our Native sisters who have been arrested, physically and spiritually attacked. We stand with our Native transgender, gender nonconforming, and two-spirited people.

Native women have been at the forefront of the DAPL protests and ecological movements world wide. We stand with the indigenous women of the Sapara tribe in Ecuador to the indigenous women of the Satare-Mau tribe in Brazil fighting against oil companies. We stand with our black sisters from Flint, Michigan who are also fighting for water. We stand with our Palestinian sisters fighting for their right to live on their native land. We stand with our Salvadorian sisters fighting for the rights to their own bodies. We as women of color recognize the impacts that environmental racism has on our bodies and future generations.

“We believe in living. We believe in birth. We believe in the sweat of love and in the fire of truth. And we believe that a lost ship steered by tired, seasick [women] can still be guided home to port.” – Assata Shakur

In Solidarity,
Florcy Romero and Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones Women of Color in Solidarity, Founders