Professional Services


Professional Services

You can never stop learning! As educators, community leaders, and organizers it is crucial to continue our own learning, as we are in the service of teaching others what we have learned.


Cheyenne is a curator of knowledge, using different mediums to curate safer spaces for people to learn and create. She has worked with various entities throughout the world to develop spaces of healing, specifically for those of the most marginalized. By working directly with impacted communities of social injustices she works to develop specific tools that help serve and mobilize their community. Cheyenne has collaborated with artist, educators, organizers, and global non-profits for more than 5 years. As an educator, writer, and organizer it is her goal to pass down and develop tools of social engagement for a better world.

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Professional Development Trainings

These trainings are specifically curated for educators, administrators, community leaders, and professional organizers. They are developed specifically for those working in the education sector, both locally and globally. The trainings are built to enhance professional educators already developed skills by using culturally relevant pedagogies, feminist theoritical frameworks, and organizing methodologies. 

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Bookings & Consultations

If you would like to hire me to consultant/strategize with your community please use the following areas of expertise as a guide. I am always willing to risk, experiment, and try something new. This is my vision toward collaborative work. As an educator, organizer, and person a part of many different communities, I want to open myself to anyone who would like to collaborate or develop a partnership.


Social Justice: LGBTQAI Justice Reforms and Accountability, Queering Sexual Health, Sex Work Justice, Criminal Justice Reform

Leadership Development: Girls/Women/Femmes Empowerment, Difficult Dialogue Facilitation, Workforce Team Development

Education: Culturally Relevant and Inclusive Curriculum Development, Liberation Pedagogies, Classroom Development

Global Goals: Gender Equality, Education, Global Citizenship


Past Work