Professional Development

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Professional Development Trainings

These trainings are specifically curated for educators, administrators, community leaders, and professional organizers. Our trainings are built to enhance professionals already developed skills by using culturally relevant pedagogies, feminist theoretical frameworks, and organizing methodologies.


Rethinking Diversity & Equity (July 20th in NYC)


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Rethinking Diversity & Equity

This community engagement training is geared towards community organizers, nonprofits, and educators working with communities of color who want to learn effective ways for creating inclusive spaces that prioritize local community needs from a global perspective. This interactive intensive training seeks to redefine diversity & equity models by including and rethinking transnationalism, intersectionality, and settler colonialism in our understanding and practice. By creating an individual final blueprint that reimagines your community or workplace, participants would have confronted and provided solutions to the tensions in solidarity-organizing work, specifically by centering women/femmes/genderfluid people of color feminist theories, voices, and experiences. By centering spatial justice methodologies, transnationalism, spiritual activism, and alternative education and resource models, participants will be able to build and share what they have learned with their own local communities.

Transnational Solidarity in Practice: Centering Black Indigenous Trans Queer Hood Femmes

Transnational solidarity as a healing practice is a framework that combines research and practice in black/muxerista/global south/indigenous feminist ideologies. It is one that centers land and spatial justice. It is one that also includes grassroots organizing methodologies. Transnational solidarity is a framework used by Women of Color in Solidarity, yet was not coined by us, and we use to explore how our own bodies can be used as transnational spaces that we bring to other spaces outside of our own.

This workshop has been shared and implemented in various communities throughout the world. Participants will walk away with new methods, new concepts of understanding, guided readings, and community!

In this training we will be looking at three units:

UNIT 1: Smooth Spaces/Counter Spaces UNIT 2: Emotional Labor Policies/Spirituality as Labor UNIT 3: Spatial Justice: Land, “Citizenship’, Art Organizing.