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"For those of us who write, it is necessary to scrutinize not only the truth of what we speak, but the truth of that language by which we speak it. For others, it is to share and spread also those words that are meaningful to us. But primarily for us all, it is necessary to teach by living and speaking those truths which we believe and know beyond understanding. Because in this way alone we can survive, by taking part in a process of life that is creative and continuing, that is growth"  -The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action by Audre Lorde

Photo Credit: Aviphotog

Photo Credit: Aviphotog

Showing Up Black Series

Showing Up Black is a series of reflections. A documentation of experiences about what it has meant to show up Black during times of resistance, healing, learning, accountability, and commitment towards global liberation. What has it meant to show up as one of the only visible Black people in solidarity work? What are reflections that take place Showing Up Black on indigenous lands? What is lost when visible Black people are not showing up in masses at global gatherings like the Zapatistas Women’s Gathering? How does blackness interact in different organizing spaces, locally & globally? What narratives are we missing? What truths have not yet been told? What messages have we not yet learned? How can blackness be that center for healing all of these truths.