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Mission Statement

Resistance Education believes that…  

  • We must affirm and inform our communities and ourselves every chance we get

  • Everything is a learnt practice, whether it is generationally passed down or a new practice that a single individual acquired. What is learnt can also be unlearned (or at least shifted)

  • Educational settings (classrooms, after schools, workshops, etc) must connect Black and brown people to communities of spiritual activism throughout the world

Resistance Education is what the Women & Femmes of Color who have raised me, guided me, protected me, strengthened me [Past. Present. And Future] called me to do. And for that I must thank them and do the work. - Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones (Founder, Resistance Education)


  • To inform institutions, community leaders, educators, youth, and anyone who is interested on how to pass down knowledge in responsible impactful ways

  • To create spaces (physically, virtually, and spiritually) for communities to gather so we can learn, share, create, and pass down stories of identity, purpose, and visions of a better world

  • To provide a space where academic theory and best practices are explained and informed by Black and brown communities.

  • To connect people who are doing the work (artist, community organizers, academics, parents, youth) in one space

  • To decolonize violent educational systems

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Women of Color in Solidarity 

We are a collective of women/femmes of color who are healing, educating, lifting, and resisting together as women/femmes folks of color. We seek to create a global movement that places healing and solidarity at the forefront. 

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Radical Curriculum 

These radical curriculums are created to bring the lived experiences, voices, and truth of black and brown people from throughout the world into our community classrooms. 

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Professional Services 

You can never stop learning! As educators, community leaders, and organizers it is crucial to continue our own learning, as we are in the service of teaching others what we have learned.

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